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Saturday, March 27, 2010

How to Make a Tutu Girl’s Costume – A Basic Guide

Every girl dreams of being a fairy. This wish can become a reality without the use of a magic wand. All you need to do is find out how to make a tutu girl’s costume. Here is a very basic method that you can use.

All you need is a piece of tulle fabric. The size depends on the height of the girl you are going to make the tutu for and on how long she wants her skirt to be. You also need elastic. You might replace it with a ribbon, but the former option is better since it will create more comfort. In order to determine the length of the elastic you have to measure the waist of the girl. It is best to leave a few extra inches just to be on the safe side.

The next step for making a tutu is to cut the tulle into strips. The exact width is up to you, but 5 inches are fine. Then you have to sew the ends of the elastic to make the waistband of the skirt. The next step is also simple. You need to tie each strip of tulle to the elastic. You have to fold each piece in half. Place the strip around the elastic and pull the two ends down over it to make a tight loop. Repeat this step until the entire length of the waistband is covered.

This is how to make a tutu girl’s costume – the method is easy and simple. The skirt will definitely look great although it will not be very refined. If you want to create a classy princess tutu such as a pancake one you will need to use more sophisticated methods, tools and materials. You will need to invest some time and effort, but the final result will definitely be a worthwhile one.

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