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Monday, June 14, 2010

Tutus Can Be Great Part of Halloween or Other Costumes

Tutus make a great girls accessory and can be a wonderful part of any costume, even costumes for Halloween! I know its a bit early to be thinking about October now but I wanted to share this idea so you can get planning when your daughter asks about her costume this year. You can learn how to make tutus that can be part of many types of costumes...really whatever you can think up! I loved this little girl in her witch costume and tutu. Just had to share it with my tutu loving friends! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tutu Skirts Are NOT Just For Ballerinas

Tutus are no longer just for ballerinas, but a fashion trend that will certainly be here for awhile since all girls love the opportunity to dress up whether it be for dress-up, holidays, or every day wear. Once your daughter tries on her first tutu, she will certainly fall in love and will soon be begging you to wear them for more than just play time.

Jenni Lynn of agrees, “Tulle skirts have always been a popular play time dress up costume for many little girls but more recently we are seeing them as skirts and dresses for every day wear thanks to tutu skirts becoming a trendy and fashionable outfit.” Jenni teaches moms how to create skirts from tulle since the cost of purchasing boutique tutus is cost preventative for many. Fortunately, moms can learn how to create beautiful and professional looking tutu skirts for their daughters without spending a fortune since the basic supplies are fairly inexpensive and the instructions are easy to follow.

Jenni offers a No-Sew Tutu Course on DVD with instructions for 15 fun and trendy tutu skirts and tutu dresses. The course sells for $67.00 but you can get this full course for only $5.00 until the end of June.

To get your coupon for this special discount and full details on the “Secrets to Tutu Making Success” DVD course and Bonuses, please visit

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Monday, June 7, 2010

How to determine if you should buy or make your own tutus?

Photo courtesy of Photobucket

How to determine if you should buy or make your own tutus?

When determining whether to purchase an item or make it at home, I have a few suggestions that I think about when pondering the same thing. Today I’m going to focus specifically on tutus and when to buy and when to make them yourself.

First I take a look at cost savings. How much will it cost to buy one tutu? How much will it cost to learn how to make tutus if you only make just one? Now, depending on the price of the tutu, if you purchase a low range tutu from an online store you can get one for $25-30 but if you purchase from a boutique or a custom made tutu, you’re looking at $100 plus many times. In most cases then, it can be very cost effrective to learn how to make tutus instead of buying them. For example, my tutu making course costs $27 plus about $10 worth of supplies for a tutu. So if you want to have more than 1 tutu, right away you’re already seeing a huge cost savings. Now if you just want one and only one tutu ever, it might make more sense just to buy one. However, your daughter might soon be VERY interested in tutus after wearing her first one, so you might not be able to just get away with having one tutu in the house!

Another thing to consider when considering to make or buy a tutu is how much do you want your tutu customized? You will probably want to pick your girls favorite colors and maybe even favorite ribbons and more. In order to get a truly custom tutu you’ll need to make it yourself (or be prepared to spend a good chunk of change to have someone create one for you).

Finally, I’d consider the joy of creating tutus versus just buying one. If you are crafty (or even if you aren’t but love to try making new things) tutus are a great girly craft to learn how to create. It is a lot of fun to learn how to work with tulle and create a large variety of tutu skirts and dresses. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much fun and easy it is. So instead of buying a tutu, why not try your hand at making tutus. If you can’t do it, you really don’t have anything to lose (especially with my 60 day guarantee policy).

Hope you have a lot of fun with tutus and hope you will consider making tutus very soon as you consider the HUGE benefits of making tutus instead of buying a tutu.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tutu Supplies For Making Your Own Tutus

Want to start learning how to create beautiful tutus? As with any new craft or project, I’m sure you have some questions before you begin. You probably want to know the costs of supplies and want to be sure the materials to make tutus are easy to find near you, so you don’t have to go searching for them. Well, I have great news for you because tutu materials and supplies are not only easy to find, but they are inexpensive too!

You can easily find tulle for tutus online or even at craft stores like Michael’s and A.C. Moore. Plus fabric stores like Joann’s also carry a variety of tulle and have great choices for tulle on a bolt that are often on sale! If you are really in a hurry and need to grab some tulle, most party stores even carry rolls of tulle in their wedding section (although it is typically not the softest tulle for tutus, so feel it before you buy it!)

Besides tulle, you’ll also need some elastic for the waistband. Again this can be found in any craft or fabric store and even places like Walmart carry it in their craft section.

Those are the two basic materials for making your own no-sew tutus at home. The rest of the supplies needed for tutu making can be found around your house (especially if you are already a fan of crafts) or in craft stores. They are easy to find things to use to help create your tutus and embellish them with a variety of unique items to make them really fun and adorable.

Tutu making is a fun and simple craft to learn with my unique no-sew tutu making methods and can be a very inexpensive new craft to create and even sell for profit.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who Would Be Interested in Making Tutus?

Ever thought about making tutus after seeing girls wearing them around town, for play time, for photography shoots, and other special occasions? You’re not alone! Tutus are the next hottest fashion trend for girls right now (infants to teenagers and beyond!) so now is a perfect time to learn how to make tutus.

1- Moms love learning how to make tutus for their little girls to wear. Imagine a custom made tutu in your daughter’s favorite colors for her princess birthday party of a fun Halloween costume with a tutu skirt.

2- Grandmas of little girls love to create fun and unique outfits and tutu accessories for their grand-daughters to dress-up in and enjoy.

3- Women who attend baby showers and little girls birthday parties love making tutus too because it’s a great gift to be able to make and give to a special girl. If you love creating unique and custom gifts instead of constantly buying shower gifts and birthday party presents, you’ll love learning the art of creating no-sew tutus since it will give you an easy present to create for any girls shower or party.

4- Anyone with an Etsy store or craft show business who wants to increase their income with a low cost to produce and high mark up craft item to sell. Tutus are a big hit at flea markets, craft shows, and in online shops like Etsy because they are just so cute and fun!
Whatever your reason for starting to make no-sew tutu skirts and tutu dresses, you’ll certainly enjoy learning how to create them for the special little girls in your life whether it be for gifts, your daughter or grand-daughter, or to sell for profit to excited little princesses.

The Advantages of Making Tutus vs. Buying Tutus

1- Cost Savings: The average tutus I make cost only $10 to create. The average tutu for sale in boutique or online stores is around $40 but can be as high as even $125 for a custom tutu dress design. By learning to make your own tutus you will find a significant cost savings, even if you only want to make 2 tutus your entire life. (And there are dozens of tutu styles so I’m sure you are going to want to learn to make more than just a couple!)

2- Customized For Your Girl: Your daughter can even help design a tutu you are going to make her and she can help pick out the colors too (if she is old enough that is!) You can create a truly personalized and special tutu with your own custom design that she will love to wear for any special occasion or party, or even just to have fun with princess play time.

3- Once You Learn How to Make Tutus, You’ll Have a New Skill For Life: It’s always fun to find a new hobby and it is such a great reward to be able to learn a new crafty skill. You can display your new crafty talent to others for many years as you continue to make beautiful tutu skirts.

4- Make Money With Your Tutu Making Skills: Add tutus to your current Etsy store, boutique, flea market booth, or craft show inventory and see your sales increase because everyone loves tutus once they see how beautiful and fun they are.