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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Advantages of Making Tutus vs. Buying Tutus

1- Cost Savings: The average tutus I make cost only $10 to create. The average tutu for sale in boutique or online stores is around $40 but can be as high as even $125 for a custom tutu dress design. By learning to make your own tutus you will find a significant cost savings, even if you only want to make 2 tutus your entire life. (And there are dozens of tutu styles so I’m sure you are going to want to learn to make more than just a couple!)

2- Customized For Your Girl: Your daughter can even help design a tutu you are going to make her and she can help pick out the colors too (if she is old enough that is!) You can create a truly personalized and special tutu with your own custom design that she will love to wear for any special occasion or party, or even just to have fun with princess play time.

3- Once You Learn How to Make Tutus, You’ll Have a New Skill For Life: It’s always fun to find a new hobby and it is such a great reward to be able to learn a new crafty skill. You can display your new crafty talent to others for many years as you continue to make beautiful tutu skirts.

4- Make Money With Your Tutu Making Skills: Add tutus to your current Etsy store, boutique, flea market booth, or craft show inventory and see your sales increase because everyone loves tutus once they see how beautiful and fun they are.

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